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    Strengthening collaboration among partnerships, teams, organizations and communities through facilitation, mentoring, training, and team building.

    DPP Consulting, LLC, provides leading edge facilitation and team-building services to diverse organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients gain the skills, knowledge and insight to impact their organization’s performance and enhance their capacity to work together and reach their goals.

  • Our Work

    Expert Facilitation and Engagement
    DPP’s expert facilitators are an essential component of successful meetings. Through our facilitation, participants are engaged, teams coalesce, meetings stay on track and objectives are met.

    Consulting Support
    In partnership with our clients, a customized strategy and implementation plan is designed which fits their specific organizational structure, needs and goals. These designs may include: informal coaching and mentoring of staff, facilitation of meetings and retreats, on-going coaching, training and technical assistance.

    Why hire DPP Consulting to facilitate meetings and support team building and collaboration? Because you:

    » Want to establish clear, reasonable and attainable goals
    » Want a safe, non-threatening environment which promotes open, honest discussions
    » Have complex inter-group dynamics
    » Want to stay on task and follow the agenda
    » Don’t want peripheral issues to divert the process
    » Are dealing with “tough or controversial” issues or personalities
    » Are looking for unbiased, creative, outside the box thinking
    » Want to “level the playing field” and be sure that all voices are heard
    » Want management to participate in the conversation
    » Want to objectively measure the outcomes of a meeting
    » Want to end the meeting in a timely manner, with successful outcomes

  • Our Clients

    What Our Clients Say:

    Dana is a clear and direct communicator who is action-oriented and passionate about social justice. She does a great job of balancing structure with flexibility for her clients and meeting participants. It's been a privilege to work with Dana over the past couple years.
    -Wendy Todd, Program Director [Marin Community Foundation]

    For those of you who don't know, Dana Pepp is outstanding! It didn't feel like we were doing "work" because Dana is so dynamic and fun and yet we really accomplished a lot! (She) is coming in to facilitate a second night-time gathering, to bring together the (the diverse groups within our school community). I'm coming because I really enjoyed the experience I shared with our collective community last time and, frankly, Dana Pepp is really talented and really funny."

    Dana's energetic style, humor and skill have been a great asset to engage even the most difficult families we serve. Dana has been facilitating teams with the Center for Restorative Practice for almost 10 years and we have been blessed with her dedication and service to our families.
    --Marcus Small, MFT, Executive Director

    DPP Consulting, LLC is an excellent resource to moving teams to shared vision, commitment and action. Dana is one of the most dynamic and empowering consultants I have worked with. Her insight, professionalism, integrity and savvy always impress me. I have appreciated the way Dana cuts through predictable politics, incorporates diverse points of view, and delivers results, bringing forward new opportunities for solutions. Working with Dana has been a very enriching experience!”
    -Barbara Clifton Zarate, MPH, Program Director [Marin Community Foundation]

    Dana Pepp is a gifted facilitator and consultant. Her fluency in Spanish, bi-lingual facilitation expertise and ability to engage diverse participants were invaluable to our work at First 5 Marin. She is able to bring people together around shared values and goals and motivate them to create new and different ways of working together. Her contributions to First 5’s mission have been invaluable.
    --Amy Reisch, Executive Director [First 5 Marin]

    The group (including me) thought you were great and we'd love to work with you again. Thanks again! It was fabtabulous!"
    --Brenda D, HR Director, [non-profit]

  • About Us

    Dana is energetic, intuitive, flexible, engaging and authentic. She is truly passionate about facilitation, engaging diverse teams and collaboration. With her honest and dynamic style, she never shies away from difficult conversations. Being bilingual in Spanish allows Dana to bring her experience, insight and humor to diverse groups.
    Dana has a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of California at Los Angeles and is a licensed facilitator with Team Coaching International. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and received her teaching credential from San Francisco State University.
    Dana’s background includes teaching, social work, program design and development, facilitation and team building. She engages organizations to inspire change within their teams. Dana works collaboratively with associate consultants on various projects including workshops, training and retreats.